Form: Error Message

Would be great, if “Required field” error will show up right between of the field, not just an the message after submitting the form. It took quite a long time to re-fill the form again once you make a mistake.

Hi, when you open settings of each input/textarea/select, you will see option to set it as required. This should match the required fields that you have put in your form in admin panel. Let me know if it helped


Ahhh, thanks! I just te-up it on the Settings > Form. Thought is enough. Great. Ty.


In Settings > Form, required option is just for back-end purpose, so form doesn’t get submitted to database if something is missing.

So you’ll have to do the same in builder.

But I totally agree with you, we should handle errors more properly, displaying errors on input fields directly is much better than replacing all and having people to refresh in order to see the form again.

I’ll do fix for this in next couple of days, thanks very much for suggestion.

Sure no worries, this is more than enough for now! :slight_smile: