Form Implementation

Having trouble getting my form to work. I used a pre-built element. I did setup the form in settings, and connected it, but when I hit the submit button nothing happens. Any thoughts?

Submit button needs to be actual button and not a regular link.
I know that you might have used predefined form or template that has that ‘bug’.

I fixed it now for you.

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And one more thing I just noticed, that is problem on our side, field names cant have space. So I had to rename your fields to have _.

Thanks for your help @Pakic

Can you look one more time…I duplicated the form and put it into a new section. I added a new form in ‘settings’, then updated the form to connect to it, but now it doesn’t do anything when the button is clicked. It’s the form on the white background.


Never mind, I got it sorted…somehow there was an extra “Form” that got inserted in the structure.