Form not working on main page

Hello I made this contact form on my but unfortunately it is not working. I configured it to slack just like the video. Could you take a look?


Yes, please share your domain and I’ll check asap.


You need to connect form first to work with back-end, then submission will appear on Slack.
Check out video:

just did this. each field is set to its name. can you take a look?

And inside builder - on the main FORM tag, have you configured which form to tie with? Under Settings tab > Form settings?

this is on the form wrapper. if i understood this correct?

Yes, test the form now.

doesnt work from my phone. it seems that the button is unpressable

Hey Chris,

I fixed the form. Issue was that you have been using “Link Button” instead of regular button for forms.

Regular button for form can be found when you hover form tag in top bar:

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Thank you very much :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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