Forms - When adding an email address from history, it changes the input BG to white

How can we fix that?

Don’t sure, but now seems you will need some custom CSS to add to the form inputs, like solution here: Override browser form-filling and input highlighting with HTML/CSS - Stack Overflow


There’s also option to disable autocomplete if you wish by adding attribute autocomplete = off

Dear Dejan

I am using autocomplete on hundreds of websites and I have NEVER seen something like that.

Can you please explain why it happens?

What is causing the autocomplete to change the background of the input?

Why the fix is not implemented in your system?

Disabling it is not the user experience that I want to have on my websites.


This is default browser behaviour, but we can override it globally for this case for all Divhunt websites.
I’ll do that later, perform testing and let you know.


Thanks a lot for taking care of us so well :heart_eyes: