Forms with file upload section

The ability to attach files to form submissions would be awesome.


I use third party forms for various reasons that have to do with CRM integration, but I have to agree that file-upload section is a must have for any serious form. If I did use the Divhunt form, I would need this field too, and of course this includes having a good way to share the images with end users/clients without convoluted login requirements.

@MixxMaster I use Tripetto often, it has an option look like Typeform (but better), option to look like a chat interface, or option to look like a regular form, and it is extremely solid and good looking, very good UI and design. You can use their webhooks to send submitted form data where you need. They have a wordpress plugin, ignore that and go for the ‘Studio’ option, that is hosted by them and you get an embed code that you can use anywhere. The studio version is pay-once per form, if you do not need a lot of forms but a few good ones, that payment model works out OK.


Yes, I need the same feature for the client, tried to add an input file field ( for the user to send their resume ) but it didn’t send to the email with the other form data. Does anyone know how to do it or will it be a new feature soon?


Currently is not possible, but it is something we should implement soon.


+1 for this !! :slight_smile:
Good to have.

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@nextlevelbros @MixxMaster @petrbilek @rafaellaera

You can create now Input with type “FILE”

And then you’ll receive uploaded files like this

If uploading is enabled for that form


Wow, amazing work! :star_struck:
Can they get uploaded into items in the new CMS as well? And with previews?


Once the workflows comes, then you can do whatever you want :smiley: