Future Agency Plan Upgrading (pricing)

If I get an agency plan now and in future find myself needing more sites, (and the lifetime pricing no longer offered)

Will I be able to upgrade with current pricing structure or be forced into whatever pricing at time?


Currently we are selling only LTD’s, and when we are done with that, we will switch our pricing to monthly subscriptions. In your case, if you buy agency plan, lets say 25 websites, and in future you need 28 websites, you will need to pay monthly subscription to those extra 3 websites.

Suppose I want to build a site for someone but not host them on one of my plans, just tell them to get a Divhunt subscription, cause we will part ways after the site is done. How much should I tell them that would cost if it happens anytime soon, and how does one sign up for that?

I realize you may not have concluded on a price yet, at least the pricing page at the moment does not offer any way to sign up for a LTD or subscription, but what should we do if in the scenario I describe above?

Can you perhaps give a non-commital rough indication for continued hosting of a single domain website at Divhunt, with the branding of the free plan removed? Or any info at all that I could use as a price indication for the website-desiring person?

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