Get Hyperlink on Link Button from Airtable

Need to pull url from airtable for hyperlink on a link button



Please allow us few hours to add the variable support for the link settings too. I’ll let you know once is ready.

can you also add for the youtube video url?


As of now, it’s not possible to use variable system in Transform, we will try to find solution in future.

I’ve added for the links, it will be online in the next 30 min.

can you think of any other way to display youtube vids from airtable?


You can use Iframe tag and set source of YT video, or Embed and write custom HTML.


To create iframe tag, CTRL + E (will open a popup) then search for iframe and add it.

Once added, there’s small issue that you can’t click on iframe inside builder, so you’ll have to click it from layers panel.