Google Tag Manager not playing well with Divhunt

Hi guys, when I try to track activity and run scripts on my Divhunt website using Google Tag Manager, is seems to be not working.

GTM seems to think that every single page of my website is just the home page, and navigating around the site seems to not recognized at all by Google Tag Manager, leading to no appropriate tags being fired, wich results in no tracking taking place.

I have deployed GTM many times on other websites and never had such an issue, I really don’t think this is an issue with me or my configuration, as such this is not a question about how to use GTM but a question and issue with how Divhunt interacts with GTM and how Divhunt communicates to GTM the fact that site visitors are navigating around the website.

I am suspecting that the Single page application nature of Divhunt is perhaps confusing GTM. I am clueless though about SPA in general and what it entails. In any case, I am hoping for an easy to deploy solution so that I can continue to use GTM for all my script deployment and tracking needs going forward, as I have invested a ton of time into getting familiar with that platform and using it in my advertising tracking workflow.

I made a video to illustrate my issue:

Please let me know your thoughts and possible solutions, your help is appreciated as always, thanks!

Ok I figured out that you need to use the GTM’s History Change trigger to trigger tags when you navigate from page to page.

But sometimes you need to use the page view trigger as well, for example when a page is loaded due to a 3rd party form embedded in your site is redirecting to another page on your site. To be safe I have included both page view and history change triggers for the tags I want to be triggered.

So I guess no reponse needed but I am leaving this here in case someone runs into this issue.


Thanks for figuring this out. Then best option would be to build a plugin for Gtag which handles everything for people so they just connects it.


that plugin would be awesome xD