Google tag manager

Is there any way to simplify utilizing this for websites built with divhunt? A plugin with templates maybe? And is it possible to use server-side tagging? Thanks


Honestly this is the first time I hear for server-side tagging with gtm, so we will need to research it, if it is very useful, we will for sure create some solution in future.

For now there is no plugin for GTM, so only option is to just embed it as script tag in custom code section of your website.


What do you mean by server-side tagging?

This is a general overview:
“ Server-side tagging is a method of tracking website or app activity by sending data directly from your server to Google Analytics, rather than using JavaScript tags that are executed in the user’s web browser. There are several benefits to using server-side tagging:

  1. Improved accuracy: Server-side tagging can provide more accurate data, since it is not subject to the same types of errors that can occur with client-side tracking, such as users blocking JavaScript or misconfigured tags.
  2. Enhanced security: Server-side tagging can improve the security of your tracking data, since the data is not transmitted over the internet and is not visible to users.
  3. Better performance: Server-side tagging can improve the performance of your website or app, since it does not require the loading of additional JavaScript files.
  4. Simplified implementation: Server-side tagging can be easier to implement, especially for websites or apps that have complex tracking requirements or a large volume of traffic.

Overall, server-side tagging can provide a more reliable and efficient method of tracking website or app activity, and may be a good option to consider if you are looking to improve the accuracy and performance of your tracking efforts.”


I see, not sure how much possible is this since most requests won’t even hit the server before they will be cached and returned to the visitor.

Definitely something we need to research first, but it’s a good idea.

I’m working on integrating Mixpanel for my analytics (I cannot stand gtm). They have a good one-vs-the-other page on server vs client side: Choosing the Right Method - Mixpanel Docs