Hamburger menu question

On mobile, when I click the hamburger menu and the menu opens, I then click a menu item and I can see the screen scroll to the appropriate anchor, but the menu stays open.

Is there a way to make the menu close after a menu item is clicked? (for anchor tags on the same page)


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We will improve this plugin today to support that as well. And when we do that, I will just remind you here to reinstall plugin


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

You can reinstall a plugin now and everything should be working fine. Let me know! :slight_smile:

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Can you please explain what have you fixed?


If you click on anchor link now on mobile menu, it will automatically close menu and will scroll you down to anchor section.

Do I need to change anything? I re-published my site, and checked on mobile, and nothing has changed - the menu does not go away.

Can you give me website URL so I can test it?
You need to reinstall a plugin, not to re-publish a website, if you misunderstood me?

There is a plugin named: Hamburger Menu.


Perfect! Thank you! Yes, I misunderstood - it now works as expected.