Header Footer copy thing doesn't work

I was watching video from DIVHUNT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1B9wxSaPTo&ab_channel=Divhunt
I did convert Header and Footer to the component as shown in the vid. But at 11:36 when I am copying header and footer and making sure green element is there, this result in pasting the Header and Footer but if it’s not coming as Div Header or DiV Footer. Meaning if I am changing anything in the main page header it’s not changing in the About Us page. I tried few times but still couldn’t get it, and second method seems complicated. SO not sure what I am doing wrong here, may be there is a bug in this case?. Thanks in advance.

Have you seen this tutorial about components?

The changes are working on all the pages when you make the changes from the component section.

It is working indeed, but the Copy Paste option is not working. I mean its pasting for sure but not as a component.


Would be great if you can share quick video of the issue you are facing.

Components are bit tricky, there’s a way to have instance, or main component + component holder, so you need to know what you are doing exactly.

But ofc, there might be a issue, so please share the bug and we will fix it :slight_smile:

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