Hiding bulk elements

Hi guys

I have an element with 3 loops on the container

When I try to hide a paragraph, it only hides
the paragraph that I am choosing even with the loop.

It is not possible to make classes for hiding elements.

Is there a way to hide multiple elements such as text elements?

And after I hide them one by one, I can’t unhide them.

I choose the loops from the list and when I press the show button, it doesn’t show it back.

Is that a bug?

That is going to hide only that tag you selected, so if you it select button in loop (2), it is going to hide that button only in 2nd loop.

I just tested on your website, and it is working fine without bugs, I am not sure what were you expecting? :slight_smile:

Hi Pakic,

Yes, It works fine but each element needs to be hidden manually.

Is there an option to hide-unhide multiple elements in 1 click instead of one by one?

By multiple element, you mean to hide specific tag in all of the looped items?
If so, you can use regular display:none from design tab

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