Hightlight elements that are changed in an instance of a component

Highlight like what are the changes and allow to reset certain things to go back to how it was in the prefab component. like how the class changes are highlighted in purple.

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Hey, are you referring to styles or content? Because when you change the styles of a component, those styles are applied to every instance of the component, not just that specific instance

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I think @JiaEn means the content - text, custom attributes, etc. When working with those it’s not clear at all wherever the value is coming from the master component or the instance.

This is further complicated by the fact that when clicking on the “Edit master component”, the builder viewport doesn’t jump to the opened component “page” but stays in the same place (on the page I was working on). When I later click on the component instance on the page, I am automatically kicked out of editing the master component and am back to editing an instance.
This change is easy to miss, resulting in editing the component instance and not the master.

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Commenting, Edit Master click - would be nice if it will jump to the master. It’s a bit confusing.