Homepage not defaulted

We just moved our site, vec.studio, to be hosted on DH. But it doesn’t load our homepage by default. Instead, it loads our ‘contact us’ page when you just type the domain. Second, the site settings we’ve set –things like site name and description– aren’t picking up.

Can we have these resolved ASAP, as we’re already live with DH?

@Pakic tagging you to this, as you’ve so helpful on our migration to DH so far.

Your homepage should not have a /homepage route; it should just be / . I’ve fixed that for you.

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Thanks so much for fixing that @Pakic

Visitors to our site reported another problem with the hamburger menu on mobile. We couldn’t find a way to resolve this one, here’s a short vid:

Thanks. ,

I’ve fixed it for you. Navbar needed to be position relative in order for absolute position of dropdown menu to work correctly

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Thank you so much. My team has been learning DH with each passing day.