How can I partially change text

Hey, is there a way to select only a few words from my paragraph and style them differently?


Yes, its possible, you would need to split your paragraph into multiple spans, depending on your needs. And then you can style specific span without affecting everything else.

Heres an example:

In this screenshot you will see that I have 3 spans inside of Heading 2. And thats because I need to style word “limitless” differently than the rest of the sentence.
1st span is for word “Build”, 2nd span is for word “limitless”, and 3rd span is for the rest of the sentence.

Span element you can find when you hover “p” in top bar:


Now this approach you can style specific parts of the paragraph differently, in previous example I styled only color of 2nd span, rest of the text is taking styles from Heading 2 (parent).