HOw can you add links to Marquee effect?

If you have installed Marquee Effect plugin from Admin panel, then you will be able to drag & drop within second.

or if you want to build it manually:

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Is there a way to autoloop from the beginning without the hard cut? So it seems like a smooth and continuous transition?

In the image, the text finishes halfway then hard cuts to the beginning.

Thank you :peace_symbol::sparkling_heart::dove::cherry_blossom::herb::blossom::sunflower::sun_with_face::rainbow::pray::relieved::orange_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::heart::hugs::seedling::om:


Theres no way to autoloop it right now. What you can do now, is to loop it manually, so to create duplicates of your current texts, and increase duration time, and it will look much better.

Here’s a video explanation

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That works! You genius Pakic!!!