How could I go about bringing the from from settings to my website

Hello, basically how do i transfer from here :

I want the fields that I listed to transfer to my contact form:

Should I build it from scratch or there is some way to use resource/id/attribute or smth similar? Thanks in advance!

Edit: just as i submitted this post, the form strangely got the forms deleted. I think this is an interesting bug that you might want to fix :


What do you mean forms got deleted?
Can you share your domain so I can investigate.

For the form itself, you don’t need to create new one, you need to match inputs names with the form setting fields name.

Check video example: Get Form Submissions in Your Email | Divhunt - YouTube
I was just working on the top page of my website and when I scrolled down the fields were gone.


You have configured invalid iterable on “Form Wrapper” tag, so it tried to iterate that tag 0x times, which means nothing will show. I’ve removed iterable.

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thank you very much for this