How do I connect Airtable?

I want to use Airtable as the CMS for my blogs - what’s the process for setting this up?

After you setup your Blog in Airtable, follow next steps:

Step 1: Install Rest API application in Divhunt.

You can do this by going to admin of your project and then click browse applications. Find “Rest” and click Install.
You can also access it by going to

Step 2: Get your access token from Airtable & connect it to Divhunt

Check Airtable guide on how to get an access token for your tables.

After you got a token, go to Rest application inside of Divhunt, then in sidebar under ‘Integartions’, you can go to ‘Airtable’.
Or you can just access it by going to url:

Now, all you need to do is to paste your token in input field ‘API Key’ and you are all set.

Step 3: Your tables are now available to use in Divhunt builder.

Follow guide from this link in order to show Airtables on your website.