How do I duplicate a page?

Having a hard time with the builder and I keep losing changes.

CAn’t seem to figure out how to duplicate a page in order not to constantly lose my progress.

by losing changes, what do you mean, can you explain me in more details so we can investigate?
Sometimes this happens with unstable internet connection…

Heres a video on how you can duplicate a page:


Thanks foe the quick tutorial.

What happens is that:

  1. Sometimes the builder bugs out and I can’t select elements or anything and I have to refresh the page. So clicking does nothing and when the page is refreshed Ctrl-Z doesn’t work anything. Ending up with a messed up page that is more of a headache and needs fixing.

  2. Something else happened to me but maybe I made a mistake somewhere. I removed one of the colors in a gradient style effect in skme tect and now I can’t seem to be able to turn on gradient styles again.

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