How do I force Grid Secion to be responsive


I have configured a section grid with 6.

2 rows of 3.

The section is not responsive.

How can I force it to be responsive automatically without the need to adjust all the other responsive views such as tablet and smartphone?

I need on the tablet that instead of 3, it will show 2, and on the smartphone, only 1 instead of 3.

The photo is from 480px view

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When you are using a grid you need to go from breakpoint to breakpoint and manually change styles.

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Breakpoint means the different responsive views?
So I need to reduce the grid columns in the other breakpoints to tablet: 2, smartphone:1 right?

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Yes, breakpoints are different responsive views, and again yes, you just need to switch between those breakpoints and reduce columns in your grid.

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Brother, I just need a small help to understand this

In breakpoint 991px, I have changed the grid columns to 2.

The thing is that there is a big space between the 2 grids and the column gap option doesn’t really reduce the space.

Why the column gap doesn’t work and how can I reduce the space or make the photos bigger?

Thanks a lot!!!

Is there any max-width applied to cards, or does image has 100% width set?

Yes, they have.

it was 100% max-width on images

I have checked the column gap and this problem is only in breakingpoint 991px

I have removed the max width and it’s not working either.

In other breakpoints even when I add 100 max-width to the images, cards, cards wrap it is still works fine.

If I change the grid column to 3, the col gap is working fine.

This problem only happens when I set grid column of 2

Why do you ask about max-width 100%?

Didn’t see a problem with 100% max-width set to in other responsive parts

I have configured this element on 2 pages and I get the same results.
Probably issues with configurations.

Here are the pages when you have time to check: