How do I import JSON back into Divhunt, once I export it

I am able to export my entire project, and in the same area I export it into JSON, it says that I can import it back in at anytime into a new project. But I’ve looked everywhere and I do not see a import into project button that would except the JSON file. Where do.I find this?

Open the project designer and you will see in navigator panel


We apologize, the Import is feature which will come very soon along with Marketplace. I am actively working on it and very close to the end.

With this feature, you’ll be able to export, and import to any other project/account or just keep as backups.

Just curious when are we expecting the release of the Marketplace update that will include the import feature. I need to rebrand and I’ve set things up on a separate site but plan to use the original URL. I’d love to be able just to import the updates to the site over instead of doing them all manually again. Just curious on time frame to know if I should wait or not, thank you.

@dejan So this is import feature should be coming soon then, you said its releasing with marketplace? Whats the time frame on that?


It’s already live, you can find it inside your admin panel sidebar > Backups.

From there you can export and import.

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@dejan Woah, I some how looked completely over that :slight_smile:


That was huge part of marketplace system, so now we can finish rest stuff and release marketplace and templates :smiley: