How do I move/rearange content from righ to left and up and down

I have 2 spans inside a div under the photo.

When I use the top margin option on the selected span it takes the numbers down but it also extends the height of the section down.

Is it possible to have an option only to move the spans without affecting the whole section?

Is it possible to move the content with a mouse drag as I used to do in other builders?

Hey @Stolichnaya, can you please provide your website link here so we can take a look and help you out? Thanks!

It is fine now but I am still struggling to understand how to move these divs and containers
I have the same problem with my navbar.
I want to take the div up to make it look like the divhunt example at the top and IO can’t find how to take the div to the center of the logo.

Try to play with flexbox to find out more layout options.

Hey @Stolichnaya, Divhunt is an HTML & CSS visual builder, which means you need to use front-end practices to achieve certain things, especially around positioning and layout.

In the current version of the Builder, it’s not that simple to achieve those by clicking and dragging things.

We’ll be releasing the video tutorials of position and layout properties in the following days, so it will be much clearer for you how to use those. It’s nothing complex, you just need some practice after watching the videos. :slight_smile:

I’ll provide you with tutorials as soon as we release them!

I also suggest you watch our currently available tutorials to understand Divhunt (and front-end basics). You can find the playlist here:

P.S. I can see that you managed to align them properly with Display Flex, nice!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Can you just explain to me how can I take this div a bit up to where is the arrow pointing?
Should I take the logo out of the container or I can change the div location with the big logo inside of the container?

I have worked on it for many hours including watching all the videos but this position and layout properties video is missing to complete the puzzle.

I think it will be really helpful for me to watch this video.
I have tried to copy exactly the properties as the divhunt navbar and I still couldn’t figure it out.
maybe because my logo is a bit bigger than the divhunt logo.

Will wait for the next video about it.


I have found a way to take it up with the position fix.

I took the margin of the div to -100px.

Is there a better-different way?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how Diplsay Flex works:

Let me know if you need more help!

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Hi brother

I have just seen your reply now

This video is wonderful to understand it

Thanks for your help!

It is easy when understanding to rolls of the parents, the child, and the buttons.

I am building a very very nice website now because of your support!

Keep up the good work.

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