How is the sitemap generated within Divhunt projects?

Is the sitemap autogenerated, or do we need to create a custom file for this?

I just checked, seems like every site in Divhunt have /sitemap.xml file?
Even the templates


Yes, that’s right. The sitemap is generated automatically, but you can replace it with a custom one if you want.

To add custom sitemap, go to your project’s admin panel and in the sidebar, you’ll find “Settings.” Click on it and scroll all the down, and you’ll see a textarea where you can enter your own sitemap if you prefer.

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That’s awesome! How often is the auto generated sitemap renewed? Is it renewed at all? I know that when you click generate sitemap in webflow, it generates it once, and that doc is never again updated. This is problematic as most businesses have blogs and have an expanding product base. If crawlers have difficulty reading the pages from the sitemap, that can be problematic, so the developers need to update the sitemap every time a new page is created :roll_eyes:

That’s a great question! Any thoughts on that from the Super Awesome DH Team? :slight_smile:

Each time you publish a website, new sitemap is auto-generated. Ofcourse, if you are not using custom sitemap, if you do, you need to update it manually :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Seriously, you guys are phenomenal!