How is this video frame on the right side is created in the new divhunt website?

also is it possible integrate this is into rich content of cms?

Hey, for that section we used predefined element for autoplay tabs that you have on Divhunt right here:

and on top of that we added our custom styling which you can add through designer and active state animation which expands every tab when its active (manipulate height of child elements inside tabs in our case its div that wraps description and button).

If you are not familiar with Divhunt tabs (how can you style them and add active states) this video will help you:

As for your rich text question I’m not sure what you meant exactly, do you want to pull data from CMS rich text and show it in tabs ?

Hello @Darko , so basically what i mean is that what if i want to have custom auto play video tabs of different sizes like the one shown in example is on the right side but what if i want to show one on the left and the right or one large one that cover the whole mid section, is that possible?

and yes i want to pull the data for it from rich text section of cms, is that also possible?