How to achieve this section

How Can i achieve this section in divhunt Please…
I have checked if i can i see template to guide through.
Its a buying section on the landing page:


This type of sections requires a bit of custom work in JS. And its not that easy, so I cant write you tutorial today, I might do it tomorrow.

But, we do not have an e-commerce system on our platform, what should happen when you click add to cart?

Okay. @Pakic ,
Thanks for quick response…
however, i will be expecting the tutorial tomorrow.

Moreover, Does that mean that for now, there is no an e-commerce system on the platform and when will it be on the platform…


Hi @cr8tivetech

Yes that’s correct, we currently don’t have native system for E-commerce. The plan is to finish development somewhere early next year of our E-commerce system.

So please bear with us.

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Ohooo, early next year. Okay no problem…
You are doing great Job. Kudos to all the efforts of the Team…

Thank you :slight_smile: but if Divhunt get’s successful it will be most because of you guys :slight_smile:
So please keep up with community, share, let your friends know, we also have creator marketplace, affiliate system, so if you are interested to anything reach out to

Okay, no Problem.
i Can’t wait for it to be fully completed being the one of the best no code platform to get your dreams come through on any of website, e commerce, Landing pages etc…