How to add Google icons to Divhunt?

Hi Divhunt team,

In builder is Font Awesome icons plugin, but I don’t know how I can add icons from Google Fonts.
Can you record a tutorial?

Link to Google icons - Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts


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I had no idea that this existed, would be great to able to use these! :smiley:

Hey, you can use these icons by downloading them and uploading them to your project.
Like this:

(I’d recommend downloading this icons in SVG format)

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Hi @Darko

A much better solution would be the ability to upload these icons and fast edit them, e.g. color, thickness, etc.

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We’ll take a look into a way to integrate this library as a plugin :raised_hands:


Yes! This would be awesome! No need for additional steps like “hacking” the SVG code for desired results :smiley:


Have you already thought of something?