How to apply changes on this element?

Hello, How can i remove the global applying of the image. I want to interact with each element separately. Thanks

Edit* - Nevertheless, how can I (separate) do this for every element/wireframe that has it, cuz most of them are linked and when you apply one change it gets to all elements?

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Thank you for this video! Is nth-child(2) the name for the divhunt structure or it is actually part of css. if you could drop some info and stuff to point me in the right direction i could put it through chatgpt and yea

nth-child is part of CSS. You can try to learn more here :nth-child() - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

or you can ask chat gpt to explain it to you how it works and stuff :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that - so I am doing just like you showed in the video and everything is working, i mean the linkeding icon is going to the given profiles expect for the first and third element - nth-child(1) and nth-child(3). Could you take a look? CyberneticSEO | About Us its the people on “meet the team” section