How to convience customer to buy such new tool

i have a wired (but not-so-wired) problem. I’m in deep love with Divhunt, i used to build Wordpress sites and Divhunt is like fresh air. Love it! But my current customer has a mixed feelings…
Long story → short: he is afraid that that divhunt is something supernew, and they can rapidly collapse, and he will have to buy new website… stuff like this…
How to convince him to go with this tool? Maybe some examples: pages build with divhunt, rather big ones!? His business is serious… i don’t know… Numer of users… Something like that… Any advice will be very helpful! I can go without any problems with webflow, but you know :))))


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If the site does not have a CMS, then you don’t have to worry at all, since its code can be downloaded and kept as a backup.

And so the question is of course important, given the recent closure of the builder on WP.

Exactly! Cwicly story is example… From my point of view - my customer has a right to ask such questions. I understand that this is also a problem of all new startups…

My bad luck is that the Customer has a IT guy who likes to know things :)))))) and he started to ask questions :)))

Will see… Any examples of real life websites designed with divhunt???


I got two now and working on others:

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Petr! Well done website… And again: I’m from wp world - divhunt pages are soooooo fast!

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Arguing will be a break-dealer once someone from us will brings a bigger fish to the game :rofl: