How to create many of the same page with custom field varibles

Hi there! I’m new to web development and I’m looking to create 100+ location pages for a service business website. I understand that I can use a CMS and a template page with dynamic fields to achieve this. However, I’m not sure which CMS would be best for this type of project, and I could use some guidance on how to set up the dynamic fields, CMS collection, and URL structure.

Could someone please help me understand the best approach for creating these location pages efficiently and effectively? Any advice on specific CMS platforms, dynamic field setup, or slug generation would be greatly appreciated!


Please take a look at tutorial below. In that video we are creating blog, but in your case it is very similar, just you would be creating Locations, with different fields.

I have watched this video previously, however, this shows making several different pages that have different content.

I mean the same page 100 times, but with different locations in the content for example:

Get Started Today

Contact our [Dynamic Variable - Location Name] team to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Call us at [Phone Number] or visit our conveniently located office at [Address] .

We look forward to serving you in [Dynamic Variable - Location Name]!

so what I am talking about it one word or phrases varibles, according to the slug name,

Is this easy?

That’s exactly what this video is showing?
It is 1 page in builder (single page of blog), and then dynamic contnet is coming from CMS. In CMS you are filling content for 100 different locations? And which location is shown out of those is being dynamicaly server based on URL

i am knowing what you you mean. But it doesn’t show how to enter place holders in the content,

you did it for :slug, but how do you make more custom place holders :location for instance

It seems i have to make many pages,

I am probably using the wrong terminology, i mean place holders, a program also on app sumo for word press, seo generator, you just make one page of content and put in a place holder like :location or :service name and it generates a new page based of a list of locations or words you enter, the one here on div hunt, id have to make the page many times it looks like, because with the blog posts its the same layout but you had to make 5 different blogs with different content and you showed that its easy to map them to a layout using the cms

so im actually trying to do the opposite, where i design one page, but it makes 100 versions of the same page, the only thing different is the slug, and a few place holders, is this possible or not?

I’m not sure if I exactly get what you need, but maybe it is this part Insert or concat a variable in static text in content - #2 by Pakic