How to create reflective cards like on the Divhunt website

Hi, can you please guide me on how I can create such cards?

Also, as a follow up I am looking to fill in the content in the card using info from Airtable. Is it possible?

yes, its possible to fill the content in cards by loading data from airtable, we have a full airtable tutorial here:

And for reflective cards, here’s a tutorial:

Thanks for the info.
I will be using the Airtable to create blogs, however I will have about 300 records (each with a blog) and i would like to present this in an interactive and responsive table that users can filter & sort. The card view would not be appropriate - I need a list view.
I see that airtable has the ability to embed a pre-selected view of a base, with an iframe html code - could I embed this on my homepage? and will it be responsive for mobile?


Responsive depends on the Airtable if they built iframe to be responsive. I am guessing yes, but you need to check.

When adding iframe, i suggest using width like 100vw instead of pixels, in that way, iframe will adapt to browser width (size).