How to fetch a specific item from collections

I have 2 collections: Blog posts, and authors.
In blog post I have a field with select items: author1 and author2.

In authors, I have information about author1 and author2 (author1 and author2 are the slugs).

In the blog post page, I have a div taking the source from the authors collection. when I add the slug manually it seems it works:

But when I take the slug from the blog post collection, it doesn’t seem to work (slug = $page->get(‘data’)->get(‘authors’)->slug)

And I see this in the page:

Am I doing something wrong?

Hmm I realised it happens with the second “author” only that’s on the list and wondering if the name is not taken with a CR (carriage return) character?

If I change the field from “Select” to “text” it works fine.
Maybe the fact we have to enter the options in different lines is causing this?


This should work fine, give me some time to check it, i’ll get back to you.

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