How to Fix an Embedded Link

I’ve embedded links to the project I’m working on but this one(sessions) has not worked.

I want prospects to book a call immediately after clicking the button.

The next page should show them the available date and time.

But the code isn’t working on divhunt after pasting it.

Kindly go through the video to see the result.


Try loading this two scripts in custom code section in admin panel.
And in embed code leave only that 3rd line which is starting with <div


If you see the page, there’s not changes in them



Does it work on live website?
3rd party scripts loaded in custom code section are not being loaded in builder

Take a look at the address bar…

This is the link to the project

No, it doesn’t work on the website


I’ve added the ‘https’ on the URL, that fixed the issue.

Also I’ve changed your single blog post route from /:slug to /blog/:slug, since if you are using just /:slug, it may have conflict with other pages which have also single path in the route.

Thank you. I’ve seen it.


Bit of misunderstanding between Pakic and me :slight_smile:

Could you kindly explain the “conflict with other pages which have also a single path in the route?”

The reason we had it /:slug was to have the same address as our current website since we’re switching from WordPress to Divhunt (and that’s how our blog addresses and links appear on it).

We have over 40 blogs already published and having a new address route for everything will cause a monumental collapse on all our links.


Ah I see, in that case please revert it to /:slug, but then reorder the page to be last in line (all the way down).

So in this way, system will first try to find static pages like /about, etc, and if doesn’t find, it will move on to CMS blog posts.

Okay. Thanks. I’m looking forward to more educational content from divhunt explaining these things

@dejan please where did you fix this code in? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


That JS CDN file that you added in head end in custom code, I just extracted code from that CDN and runned it localy by creating custom JS file in Divhunt which is being triggered onPageReady.
That CDN requires page refresh in order to work, but since this is a SPA (there is no page refresh), I needed to do it this way, to trigger load of that code every time page is changed.


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