How to get form options in select field from REST API source?

I have built a form containing a “select” field (with a drop-down).
I would like to use Rest API field values as options in this drop down, but I am not succeeding.

Should the API source be on select field level or on option level?
Do you have a tutorial somewhere to achieve this?

Can you give me website url

here it is:

I have struggled with this to, it works great if you iterate over values from the system data but I cannot get it to work with REST API response.

For system values you basically just iterate over the array on the option element and then select value in settings on the same option element:

In my case lang values: On the Option element, iterate and give it a key:

Then get the data in settings (still same Option element):

And I get my activated languages from the system in my dropdown:

YSK: to use this as a language switcher, I need to do a lot of custom JS to make it work and reload the page with the correct lang variable inserted to each page

Thank you for your help. I have tried all possible options with REST API, but I can’t make it work, an no clue where it is wrong.
Looking forward to get clear tutorial

The weird thing is that it seems to grab the appropriate number of records from the REST API source (I have 3), but nothing gets displayed when clicking on the drop-down select field…

@Pakic Have you been able to take a look at this issue with REST API source in form select field?

If you set the “Source” on the Select element and then set the “Option” value in “Settings” you get the looped number of select fields and the correct value for each option. That’s not workable since you get several selects (in my case; 4), all with just one option each:

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@dejan : Can you help?