How to insert embed code on website? i tried using the embed tools on the website builder but nothing happen


i really need your guidance here guys.
so today i tried to insert the embed code on my website and have use the embed tools on website builder.
after i insert the script and refresh, nothing happen.

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What kind of code are you trying to insert, is it some third-party integration or just some basic code, can you give me an example?

its some third - party integration

<script id="form-script-tag-6727278" src=""></script>


Currently, this types of scripts can only be put in custom code in admin panel.
Would that work, or you need to run this script inside of an embed tag somewhere on a website in order to work?

Does it cause the embed code display to appear in a random section?

How that script works, what 3rd party tool is that, can you give me name so I can check it out?

it’s you can check it on this link - Google Search

hi team is there any update about it?
and also i have the same issue as well with the behiive
i want to integrated with behiive but the issue is the same as before.
appreciate if you can help me


I registred on , can you give me some tutorial or instructions maybe on how to get to that part where you have taken script that you need to embed on a website? Do I need to create form somehow there or something?

this is the code that i meant. so after looking some tutorial on youtube there are many videos that explain how to input the embed text on landing page. basically if we are using wordpress after we insert the code, the email form that website user can be fill in can appear on the landing page but i think divhunt have their on way to that. here is attached the video that i watched

i really appreaciate it


You can create embed and paste any code in any place.

Create Embed elements

Then click on Embed, - Right sidebar > Settings > Open Code Editor

Then paste your code there.

Okay i will try this.
Thanks, dejan