How to Optimize Images for Faster Web Loading | Divhunt Tutorial

Hey everyone,

We’ve noticed a common topic popping up here and in various discussions: the challenge of effectively optimizing images to improve website performance and SEO. It’s a crucial aspect of web development that can significantly influence your site’s speed and user experience.

To address this, we’ve created an in-depth video tutorial. In this guide, we dive into the details of different image formats, providing clear and actionable advice on how to choose the right format and optimize it for your website.

We encourage you to take a look! You might discover a new tip or technique that could make a noticeable difference to your site’s performance. And as always, we’re keen to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic. What strategies have you found effective for image optimization? Share your insights and let’s learn from each other!

Check the video here :point_down:


Hi Marko
Thanks a lot for this tutorial!
When I saw it, I was really excited.
It is beneficial and your video editing is very nice.
Keep up your good work

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