How to use Locomotive Scroll

Hey, Is there any way to implement locomotive scroll library with Divhunt.
I am not a coder, so have basic idea about coding, tried to achieve this by following the tutorial which worked on Webflow but it’s not working here in Divhunt.

Locomotive Scroll is listed in the available plugins under Project Settings → Plugins → Browse Plugins → Locomotive Scroll.

Looks like you just install to have access.

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We already have a plugin for that, just we need some time to create a tutorial. I will try tonight, but no promises :slight_smile:

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Oh, yes…you are right…I didn’t see it earlier…thanks for letting me know @Bryan … do you know how to use it?

It will be great @Pakic , if possible please create one tutorial…Thanks :grin:

@Rajat_Subhra Sorry, I haven’t used it. I just remembered seeing the plugin.

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@Bryan okay, no issues.

I hope @Pakic will create a tutorial for that when possible. Will try then.


We didn’t have time to properly test this plugin, so it is in experimental phase, and we will create a detailed tutorial in future. For now I created a quick loom on how to use it (basics):

Heres a github of this plugin, so you can read more about options that we are having in sidebar:

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Thanks @Pakic
This is very helpful, now I can experiment with it. Still not sure if it will work with loop element or not ( it seems not working).

There are some glitches or issues with the builder I think when I am using this plugin. Sometimes it’s not allowing to select other elements from layer panel until I refresh once the page, and the offset value seems frozen as I am unable to change once I set the position to top as you can see in this video.

here I was experimenting with the right side image, and the offset value got frozen, even after refreshing the builder it’s not going, tried to change the value to 0% like the other element’s default value, but it’s not happening.