How to use markdown on DivHunt?

Can you do a video or explain how to use markdown on DivHunt?
It works in this box so how do I make it work on my sites?

On WordPress, it was simply paste it onto the page and that’s it. I’ve installed the markdown plugin but cannot get the markdown to work.

I need it to work because I’m planning hundreds and hundreds of pages using markdown.

Hi @Euan80

Sorry for lack of documentation, we are working on that.

When using variables, you can call function “markdown” which will convert to HTML.

For example $value->get(‘data’)->markdown

I thought I was joining the DivHunt no-code revolution?
Seems like that’s not the case yet.


What do you mean by markdown, if you are pulling data from 3rd party CMS, such as Strapi or Airtable, then you would need to use functionality that Dejan wrote.

But if you are looking to use our CMS, or in general to use rich text element, thats much easier.
Here’s a quick tutorial:

If you are looking to create CMS for hundreds of pages, you might need this tutorial:

This box for replying in is markdown compatible. when i highlight words and hit bold it turns it into markdown in this input box but standard bold text on the right side box when im messaging.

Its a text file and when you put it on a page it gets properly formated headings, bullet points, tables etc. Wordpress didnt need a plugin or anything it was just built in markdown compatible.

There is a free converter at you just paste it on the left section and it turns into the formated version on the right.

Revolution requires time and dedication, and ours is still in open beta. :slight_smile:

Thats good. I do have faith this is gonna be something special. I am all in with 9 purchases and i dont have wordpress anymore. I just get internet rage sometimes but you are awesome!

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Back to markdown…
This is how markdown should work it should make things easier not more difficult. This video is me pasting a markdown article into this divhunt forum input box and it creates a fully formatted article. I don’t have a clue how to make it work but maybe there could be a markdown box same as there is an HTML box. In WordPress I could defo paste them with no plugin and it would follow the markdown formatting.

Hey @Euan80 ,

I tried implementing markdown in our rich text editor, but it’s not an easy job, to be honest, so I need to postpone it for now since it will take some time to make it work properly.

However, there is still a simple solution with one workaround. Our rich text editor accepts HTML, so the idea is to convert your markdown to HTML on this website, and then copy the HTML from there and paste it into our rich text editor.

Here’s a video explanation:

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