How to use non-published plugins between PROJECTS, or sites

When you create a plugin, and you have not published it, how can you use it on all of your sites. If you have more than one that is. Without having to recreate the plugin every time for every site you want to work on? If published, you could obviously install it on every site, but when not published I haven’t found a way to do this.


Currently that’s not possible and it’s not a purpose of creator application.

But you can create same plugin here in Files section

Then you can Export those files and import to other projects within second.

@dejan I think there needs to be some more clarity here, I’m pretty confused by how your saying to move the files from one project to another in order to use the plugin across projects. I’m not even sure thats what you are saying lol. What does importing those files do when you hit the source icon? Does it auto generate the plugin from your previous project, or allow you to reselect them instead of recreating them in the plugin builder. Maybe if you could make a video that would be a big help.

I don’t know too much about the export, because there is no import feature yet to use it. Or so I thought.

What would be useful would be if you could upload your files into a global storage area for your account, and then when you create a plugin, hit the + button like in the image to add more files, and instead of creating them from scratch, be able to select the files you have created among other projects and be able to bring them into the current project.

Sorry for the confusion, just trying to understand your response.
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 3.46.57 PM

You know what, I reread your message. I reread my message. I don’t know what either of us freaking said, or meant LMFAO. I’m just gonna go with if you want to use a plugin between projects you have to have them published as my answer. Anything beyond that right now needs a video to explain it LOL.


Problem is that the “Creator” app and the plugins you’ve built (while in development) IS NOT meant to be used as “website plugins”.

Meaning that you only see it working on the current website (as admin) as you are developing the plugin, but not your visitors.

So there’s no option to share plugins to other projects unless published to the marketplace, then you can install it on whichever project you want.

On the other side, there’s the “Files” tab in “Builder”, where you can also build “Plugins”. When you create a new file, you can choose type “Plugin” and build the same logic there, but that still is not shareable across projects - but it’s meant to work like “website plugin” for both you as admin and your visitor without publishing it.

So my point is, there’s no feature that can allow you to share the same plugin over multiple projects YET.

I am working on one feature called "Parent Project ‘’ but it’s not due to be released soon, maybe in 1-2 months. So the feature will allow you to choose your parent project from which items such as files (plugins, events, functions), components, classes, colors, collections and more can be inherited and reused.


And if you’ve created a plugin from “Builder” > “Files”, then you can use backup export/import functionality to export it and import to another project in seconds.

The backup functionality can be found at Admin panel > Backups sidebar. You can choose to export only “file” and partial import only “files” over another project.

@dejan gotcha. I understand. In your email to me you had said “On the other hand, if you want this plugin available only to you, then you are not in need to publish it at all.” And I just misunderstood. Well on technicality, its available to me per project its re-created in, not to me per my account. And then I have to rebuild it again in Builder > Files.

I’m still working on my plugin, and still plan to publish it soon, just making some improvements before I attempt to publish it again. That being said, I could see usefulness in the ability to publish plugins to your projects, and not on marketplace for everyone, as some things you may want to use for every site you make but may not want to share it. I’m not worried about it right now, I was just asking because I was trying to figure out how access the plugin from other projects and could not do so. I’ll take a look into Builder > Files method you mentioned for plugins I don’t want to publish.