I had a logo automatic slider as a component and it just vanished

I had built a customer logo slider that was working just perfect and it was a component. It’s gone.

What happened?


Could you provide more information.

Your domain name, where was the slider, what was component name, so we can investigate and restore your component, and if it was bug, to solve it.


Component name “Customer logos” - the component is still there but the content is gone.

It was right below the “Hero” Section.


Thanks, I’ll investigate and let you know.

Any feedback on this?

Any feedback on this issue? :slight_smile:


I’ve checked all your backups, but I can’t find the elements of customer logos.

I found these backups:

But they were all generated yesterday?

I worked a little yesterday but the customer logos were created like one week ago or more


Sadly there’s nothing I can do to recovery, backups are being generated when you publish website.

I can offer you to build that section again, just give me design if you have one and I’ll do it quickly.

In future will be easier to determine the cause as we now have better activity log system.

Let me know the design link or how you want to proceed.

Don’t worry Dejan :slight_smile:
I’ll do it! Thanks anyway.


Thank you, and sorry for troubles, this happens very very rare, but it’s very hard to debug. However I’ve added more logging information so next time should be easier to debug.