I need to create a mega menu. How do I achieve that?

Having a tutorial to implement something like Divhunts mega menu would be a great start to customize our way.

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Hey @oscarlima, currently Divhunt platform doesn’t have any plugin or element that can be used as a mega menu, to achieve this you would need to make it manually.

@Darko I was able to make it :smiley:

I have one question though. I’m trying to link a whole div. Is that possible?

Also, where do I change the style of links?

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Hey @oscarlima, it is possible to link the whole div, you just need to nest your div inside of a link element like this:

About changing styles for the links, you can do that as you would do it with a regular div or any other element, just select your link element and set change styles through the design panel:

And if you want to set a link path, you just go to the settings panel and you can choose between various options there:

I hope this answered your question.

Thanks darko. But I’m not being able to remove the underline from the links.

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To remove underline you need to select your link element and then go to the additional options in the typography group:

Then you need to apply this option:

And the underline will disappear.

Thanks! Last question.
How can I make the mega menu close if I just click outside?

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How did you make mega-menu appear?

Did you used CSS or JS?

I added hamburger menu to the menu item I want to trigger the mega menu.
Then created the mega menu and linked to the hamburger menu.

Why? Is it wrong? :thinking: :grimacing:


If it works, it’s good :D, well at least for first version :slight_smile:

But just out of curiosity, would you have done differently?


My idea of how mega menus should be done (but this requires our end implementation).

Create the mega menu structure as component (everything’s visible), like a section.

Then on the navbar menu item > configure the popup options (which I’ll build soon),

options like
Type (on click or on hover)
Content (either pure text or choose component to be rendered)

And then you keep the structure of navbar clean, while showing component on menu hover in the background.

I’ll try to do this tomorrow.