iFrame page Fails to Redirect Parent - Anything I can do?

Hi there!

I have an embedded form from a platform called Moxie, which is used to schedule a meeting.

It is configured to redirect me to a different URL when the meeting is confirmed. However, it fails to do so when I embed it in my Divhunt site but works just fine when I go directly to the page.

The form is meant to be embeddable and I am checking in with Moxie as well to see if it is an issue on their side, but I wanted to check here as well in case this is another instance of the provider not handling SPAs properly.

Please let me know if there is any way I can correct this on this side :).

Here is the URL where this occurs:

Evergreen SEO for REI: Data-Driven Marketing Services | Retoolkit.io | Boost My SEO - Start << Embedded form and redirect does not work

https://clients.retoolkit.io/public/retoolkitio/-boost-my-seo << Redirect works just fine


Iframes/Embeds does not have power to redirect page where they are loaded. That would be huge security risk?

But what I would suggest is trying embedding script on basic index.html file on your desktop and see if you are getting same results, if yes, then it’s not the SPA problem, if not, then it is and we will find some solution :smiley:


Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking! Of course, it would be a huge security risk! :smiley:

I am sorry I never responded to this. I did not use their redirect functionality but rolled a custom Thank You page instead.

Thanks! :slight_smile: