Illegal Form Redirect

I’ve linked the form to the URL I want it to redirect to.

On the test page on the same browser (chrome) the form redirects

On another browser (brave, firefox) and Chrome incognito, the form redirects to a different page but with the URL linked to the form (this is illegal and not supposed to be).

I’ll drop a link so you can verify

Here “The Get in touch” section


Problem is in your blog single page url, you are trying to link your blog posts directly to the root of your website, which is something we first time see that someone is trying to do, and never thought of it before.
We will wait for Dejan to see if he can solve this for you, if not, solution is to have your blog posts under some url, such as /post/:slug

It should be working now as expected, let me know.

Yes, it is working now.

How did you get that done? So, I could learn how to fix it in other projects

The link directly to our website is inherited from our previous website.

We have published lots of blogs and have backlinks to our blogs.

Doing anything different from what we did earlier, will cause us to loose years of work

We fixed it on our side, nothing was changed on your website. So as Dejan told you before, you just keep your blog single at the last place in your pages list, and it will work

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