Image Display and Post Access Issues

I could use a little help with the blog section.

In the builder, everything looks great.

However, when I switch to page view, the image appears cut off. Any idea why this might be happening?

Also, I’ve noticed that I can only open one blog post in the builder. Is this the expected behavior? I appreciate your help with this.


Set-up on the image the aspect behavior:
Image > Settings > Cover


It should help.

Hey @petrbilek,

Appreciate your help!

I gave that a shot, but when I click on ‘cover’, switch to the ‘design’ tab or anywhere in the builder and then come back, the setting seems to disappear. I also can’t see the effect on the live page. Any ideas?

Change it to cover

Click anywhere and came back




I’ll fix this today.

@dejan Any updates on this :point_up_2:?

@dejan Also, we’re having a bit of a hiccup with linking up our blog categories. Could really use some help sorting it out. Thanks a bunch!
Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 19.21.59