Import Brand Kit

It could be really interesting to import a brand kit :

SVG & PNG files
Fonts files
Colour palet with a CSV/JSON file with all hex code + colour name attribute


Do you have any sample of JSON file for colors?

Actually here a sample that I would use :

“ColorID”: 123456,
“ColorName”: “Lavender Mist”,
“ColorRGBA”: “239,232,253,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#EFE8FD
“ColorID”: 789012,
“ColorName”: “Brilliant Lavender”,
“ColorRGBA”: “208,187,250,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#D0BBFA
“ColorID”: 345678,
“ColorName”: “Medium Slate Blue”,
“ColorRGBA”: “161,119,244,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#A177F4
“ColorID”: 901234,
“ColorName”: “Iron”,
“ColorRGBA”: “230,231,232,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#E6E7E8
“ColorID”: 567890,
“ColorName”: “Manatee”,
“ColorRGBA”: “204,206,210,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#CCCED2
“ColorID”: 234567,
“ColorName”: “Gray Chateau”,
“ColorRGBA”: “179,182,187,1”,
“ColorHEX”: “#B3B6BB


Thanks, I am working on export/import functionality of backups, so this will be possible in near future.

Until then, you can manually import large datasets if needed from console.

Iterate your JSON in console and use following code for each of repetition:

colors.Fn('create', {name: 'color-name', value: '#FFF'});
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