Important questions about future

Hey @dejan, I really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing day and night to make this a robust platform. I joined because I believe Divhunt can fill the gap between WordPress and Webflow. Divhunt seems more solid & modern than WordPress and easier, more user-friendly/adaptive than Webflow. I have been using WordPress for a long time and now I want to shift to Divhunt for all my client websites. But there are a few doubts I want to clear before I suggest Divhunt to my clients.

  1. What are the things, that may not be free to use in LTDs in the future?
  2. I saw somewhere you mentioned subscription for plugins will come. What does that mean? the plugins available now in builder in the admin section, will become paid?

It will be very helpful if you can clear these doubts.

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The beauty with Divhunt is that they’ve said that they will never restrict features, only bandwidth, storage, form submissions etc. If they keep on that promise we’re all set for all upcoming features :slight_smile:

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Everything we officially release will be always free for early adopters (you in particular) and others who purchased and supported us from AppSumo in the first case.

We will also include premium support for your LTD’s plans, free and forever.

That includes AI (unlimited requests) , E-commerce (might be a small fee on transactions, but very small :slight_smile: ) and future improvements, applications, plugins etc.

About plugins, we are only making a subscription model for plugins to be used by 3rd-party creators, so not from us. Our plugins will remain free, however, let’s say Hubspot comes and builds a plugin, they can put a price on it, however, you are not forced to purchase that.

You’ll receive a surprise email soon :slight_smile:


To be fully transparent, even that this new pricing seems bit odd, and maybe not in favor for you guys, but at first glance, it enables you to earn massive cash from Divhunt if you take Affiliate at serius level + helps Divhunt grow much faster, therefore we can achieve much greater results.

Anyway, the plan is after this to switch back to monthly subscription and ever again go back to lifetime deals.

So all your purchases will be worth a lot in future.


@dejan How long will this LTD be ongoing? Thinking about buying even more sites :smiley:

I don’t have answer to this question, we will see how affiliates performs. Ideally not that long.
We are releasing creator system this weekend, ability to build and sell templates as well.

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You made me smile :smile:
Thanks for such a generous reply. That’s all I wanted to hear. Now that you answered with such clarity, I can refer my clients without any doubt or dilemma. No more doubts.
For e-commerce, it’s absolutely fine to charge some fees, My main doubt was about the plugins and templates made or will be made by the Divhunt team. Now all clear.

I’ll purchase a few more codes now and We All will support you guys all the way to the future. I strongly believe this platform will be revolutionary.

Thank you very much @Rajat_Subhra :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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Loved that email surprise! Thanks to the team, keep up the good work!

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Hear hear! Thanks @dejan and team. I certainly couldn’t have made such a cool website without Divhunt (You have raised the bar on my friends expectations of what I’m capable of) and no doubt its Divhunt capability/features that will drive repeated traffic. Thank you

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