Instances (States, Child Selectors) feature redesign

Hey hey hey, Divhunt’s Instances feature just got a complete redesign! Work smarter with tag states like hover, active, and more, including complex ones. Our revamped system simplifies interactions with child tags, allowing seamless integration of state selections and child manipulations. All this without the unnecessary JS code – manage it all with pure CSS, keeping your website light and fast.

The new Instances come with:

  • A better way to manage and control your instances
  • Easier way to find and select States
  • A better and easier way to target child elements
  • More intuitive UI to combine Sates and Child Selectors
  • Ability to create any custom states and selectors, regardless of how complex they are

Watch the full tutorial to understand this system better on our YouTube:


Just watched the video, this is great! :star_struck: It looks so easy to do advanced things using this!
Great work guys, I love how the development is still strong! :grin::star_struck:


Just seeing this now. Thanks so much for all the amazing improvements you’re making to your application! :heart: