Introducing Divhunt builder's latest plugin: GSAP Integration!

Hey everyone, we’ve just rolled out an exciting new plugin for Divhunt: GSAP integration is here!

You know those cool custom animations you see on today’s websites? They are mostly achieved with the powerful GSAP library. So, we’re bringing its full power directly into Divhunt Builder, all without writing a single line of code. You have the full GSAP toolkit available, visually.

We’ve created a detailed tutorial to get you started with the GSAP Divhunt integration and help you understand its core features, improving your website experience with some awesome custom animations!

BTW: We are testing some new tutorial setups, including the camera and more natural, one-take recordings so you can follow along more easily. Please let us know if you like this better! :smirk:

Watch it here :point_down:


Wow incredible tutorial Lazarevic, the possibilities are near infinite with Divhunt. Thank you so much for your passion and hard work.

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This is amazing! Thanks for adding it and also I like the tutorial - very easy to follow along! Keep it up guys :rocket:


Cool! Amazing work! i just played around with. Just a small question: is there a “loop” option? to play an animation in loop?


Whoah!! Just when I think, “It’s going to be tough to top this,” then you guys go and make something like this! :rocket::fire::rocket::fire::rocket::fire:

Totally awesome! Thank you so much for your dedication and your amazing work!

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not necessarily. This is an animation that realistically you wouldn’t want on anything other than desktop anyway.

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You can’t choose to enable it only on a desktop…

Do you have a solution to that?


I just added a support to disable animation on certain devices.
Please reinstall a plugin to get this update.


Thanks a lot Stefan :kissing_heart:

This is a great solution until it can be adjusted for multiple breakpoints.

I will remove my angry response


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