Introducing the new Preview feature!

Hey all, we’re excited to announce a new Preview feature. You can now instantly see a live preview of your website right in the Builder, without having to leave it.

A new Preview mode comes with a bunch of useful features:

  • An option to adjust the website width, so you can check how a website looks on all screen sizes
  • A quick page switcher for easier navigation
  • A full-screen mode to simulate the real viewing experience
  • A refresh button to fine-tune animations with precision

Try out the preview feature and let us know your thoughts!

Check the Preview feature in action here:


Incredible work here!! Thank you!

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These features are helpful and will save time. Thanks for adding them!

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When you launch the Ecommerce beta I’m going to be so excited! :hugs:

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Thank you guys!!! That saves a ton of time and is so handy!

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Hey there,

Modesty aside, you folks truly have no rivals.
Thank you for sharing such dynamic energy with this launch. Divhunt is not just reaching for the stars; it’s making a home on the moon!


Thank you all, this was my masterpiece presented by @Darko and published by @Lazarevic hahah :smiley:

Also would like to mention that you can preview each Collection item (eg. blogs), if you’ve connected source with page.

So now you can write blogs and preview it instantly, even if blog was not published.

Also shortcut for preview CTRL + P


Absolutely astounding progress each month! What a great feature for all user levels.

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That is awesome! Love being able to preview before publishing :smiley:

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Marvellous, I am very impressed with your speed of progress at Divhunt!

I used the previewer and it is indeed handy for improving responsive design! Incredibly zen thinking you have! :peace_symbol::earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia::heart:

Amazing platform. Keep up the great work, Divhunt team!