Is CDN for the hosted sites running?

Hello would love to ask if the CDN is running on the hosted domain.
Got a published domain but not sure if CDN is running.

Based on google speed index seems to me a site very slow.

Hi it is, I think pagespeed scores are punishing your website because of layout shifts, I will try fix it, in order to confirm if this was an issue. Will let you know

Cool, just take a look if you can do with that something :slight_smile:

Hi, yeap, I was right. Google and GT Metrix are punishing CLM (layout shifting). So I have made small adjustment to your images to work on absolute position and height to be determined by parent div which is relative with padding-bottom. And for small stuff such as icons, you should always use height, for example “30px”.

Anyway, these are the results of your website now:

Let me know if it is good enough :slight_smile:

The results are very nice right now, however the positioning absolute etc. of the images is out of my mind. Like it’s not a standard behavior :smiley:

Its not problem usually, just in your example in hero section, this blue part with white text was positioned absolute, and while image is not loaded, that blue part is broken, it requires image to be loaded in order to look nice and not move around. And with this way of absolute image, that part is steady always, even if you remove an image.

Other way to fix this is to have fixed height set on image or aspect-ratio in CSS. But I dont like that way of doing things, me personally, I always have images positioned absolute.

Sure, all clear to me now.

I have fixed it propper way to by setting-up the min.height of the element, so it will no jump on load.

That could work, just make sure you remove styles I applied also on other resolutions

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