Is it possible to build a directory site on divhunt?

My team and I have bought multiple licenses and are starting to move some of our existing websites over. Something I’ve been considering is if the CMS system would also be used to build a directory site by adding tags to items so that when a page is populating it’s pulling in any that fit those variables like say Dentists in Los Angles

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Hey Nick,

Our CMS is missing multi-reference which you might need, but that shouldn’t be problem as we will add that very soon, much faster than you’ll need to finish your website.

So, yes, you can build directory website, either by using our CMS (database) or any 3rd-party database + REST API system (application).

We would love to see first directory website built using Divhunt.
We’re here to help if you need anything or if you got any limitation that you can’t cross, we will unblock you fast.

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What is multi-reference ?

How do you link a 3rd party CMS via REST API, to DivHunt ?

I’m also building a directory and the main roadblock I have is how to build the comparison engine + faceted filters for search

Thank you!


Will there be tutorials for building a directory? Is the multi-reference available? I am deciding whether to use this for a directory or stick with Wordpress.